Who are we?

Founded in 1995 by the Toko family, TADAL S.A. is an import-export and distribution company based in Brussels, specializing in Mediterranean food products.

Focused on its primary objectives in the European Union market and aiming to meet the growing demand for these products in the Belgian market, TADAL joined forces in 1999 with world-renowned brands such as Gazi, Baktat, Egetürk, and Sebahat.

In the same year, 1999, TADAL innovated in its field of activities by opening a 400 m² night shop aimed at local businesses at the Mabru site, the Morning Market of the City of Brussels. In 2002, TADAL continued its expansion by entering the retail industry.

Continuous expansion

Where it all began

In order to offer a wider range of products and better customer service, TADAL invested in 2005 in Mabru by constructing a modern building with a total area of 5,000 m², of which 3,800 m² is dedicated to warehouses.

In 2012, TADAL expanded its vision by deciding to increase the surface area of its warehouses by 2,000 m². This extension of the existing building allowed for further expansion of the product range.

TADAL has its own distribution network, with a fleet of 7 trucks serving the entire Belgium.

Our main asset: quality products and service

TADAL's core business is the import, export, and distribution of Mediterranean food products. Our business objectives aim at one main goal: customer satisfaction.

That's why TADAL ensures the quality of the products it markets. All the products we offer are carefully studied and analyzed to bring the European market the best basic ingredients and flavors of Middle Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

Furthermore, TADAL is fully aware that the success of its objectives relies on the well-being and motivation of its staff. Our company is not just about management. TADAL sees itself as a group of men and women working in the same direction. Customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without the value of human contact.

“Credibility is built through actions, not words.”

TOKO Deniz

CEO Tadal S.A.